My life in 3 phases


1st phase

Born in 1947 in southern Germany, grew up on a farm with an attached wainwright’s workshop (woodworking). After elementary school apprenticeship as a car mechanic, 3 years journeyman. 6 months of training for full-time employees in associations of the Catholic Church, 2 years as youth education advisor in the CAJ-Christian Workers’ Youth


2nd phase

Study of social pedagogy (Dipl.Soz.Päd.FH), family foundation, marriage, 2 children, 8 months preparation for a 4-year assignment as expert for trade union education in the Philippines. 2 years DGB Federal School for Labor Law in Hamburg, responsible for the areas of pedagogy and organization. 10 years trade union secretary HBV (now in Verdi), 10 years managing director of HBV district administration South Württemberg, 6 years head of personnel management at VITA (850 employees, 2 factories, head office, logistics), 4 years head of personnel management at Bonduelle (we were taken over), responsible for Germany, special challenge: integration of VITA into Bonduelle. Since November 2006 partial retirement/retirement.

3rd phase

Since 2007 active as a senior expert in the countries Bulgaria, China, Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda. Permanent collaboration in the KAB (Catholic Workers’ Movement) development and administration of a donor and project database for projects in Uganda. 2,5 years as treasurer of the World Movement of Christian Workers in the countries Belgium, France, Spain, Sri Lanke, India and Brazil.

Focus since 2009 Uganda, supporting the leaders of CWM (Catholic Workers Movement) in building the movement and implementing the projects.

Vision for my 3rd phase:

I gathered all my previous knowledge in the context of our European working and living environment. Now I wanted to use these experiences and knowledge to get to know completely different living conditions and cultures. I wanted to communicate with people as closely as possible in order to understand them better and to be able to work on projects with them. In this exchange, I expected a dynamic learning process in which all participants not only expanded their knowledge and experience, but also experienced positive, emotional experiences. So I didn’t want to set out to provide “development aid”, but more in the sense of a partner seeking an exchange at eye level.

What is the result now after 14 years?

I have received much more than I ever thought I would. My work is fully voluntary. Only for activities within the scope of my assignments (seminars, visits, consulting) are incurred costs reimbursed for the most part. Through my work I have not only learned a lot and experienced wonderful things, but in numerous encounters I have also met great and dear people with whom I have now been friends for many years. Of course, some things went wrong and expectations did not come true, but that is part of it.

This work changed me and my standards of judgment have evolved. Many things that seem to be very important here faded into the background and especially the interest in people, their opinions, living conditions and culture have become significant for me. I am very grateful and feel it as a gift that I may experience all this.