Uganda is located in East Africa on the northwestern shore of Lake Victoria. The western border with the Congo is formed by the long Rowenzori Mountains, which are up to 5,109 meters high.  In the south, the border with Rwanda runs across the Virunga National Park. Also known because of the mountain gorillas. In the east Lake Victoria and then towards the north the mountain range with the highest mountain Monte Elgon form the border. The north borders on Sudan. In the following I try to show especially interesting and typical pictures from Uganda. The most important data can be found  here

Murchinson National Park

It is located in the northwestern part of the country and is crossed by the Nile River with its most beautiful waterfall (Murchinson falls). Both the waterfall and the wildlife are extremely impressive.



It is located in the southwestern part of Uganda and benefits from Lake Edward, which is connected to Lake George by the Kazinga Channel. On the shores of the lakes and the channel you can find many different animals in a very relaxed atmosphere. Unfortunately, a big through road leads through the park, so that animals are run over again and again, especially by trucks.

Catholic masses in different parts of the country

Do masses fit the headline “Beautiful Uganda”? I think so. They are not just a religious celebration, but the central gathering on Sunday where people from all walks of life meet. I understood very little because the masses are usually held in the respective regional language. I was impressed by the often very touching songs and rituals, which I will try to show in the videos below:


Mbuya –Part of Kampala

Hapuyo – Small parish near Fort Portal

Fort Portal


Ibanda – Parish diocese Kasese

Katwe – Diocesan youth mass Palm-sunday 2012


Kasese-Fort Portal at the foot of the Rowenzori Mountains

This region is comparable to our foothills of the Alps. However, it suffers greatly from heavy flooding when the rivers from the Rowenzori burst their banks during heavy rains. Tourism is slowly developing, especially hiking and climbing enthusiasts are attracted to the wonderful mountains.

Kabale-Southwest Uganda

This area is located in the tri-border area of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Scenically it is mountainous but very beautiful. It is bordered by the Virunga National Park volcanic range in the south and the Rwenzori Mountains in the west. A special highlight is Lake Bunyonyi. It has 29 islands and is up to 900m deep.

Kibale Forest between Fort Portal and Kasese.

It is located in the west of Uganda and is also a national park with different animal and plant species, especially known for the easily observable chimpanzees. The elephants hide during the day mostly in the bushes. In parts I had the impression that I was in particularly beautiful places of the Swabian Alb.

Gulu Arua Northwest Uganda

This area is located in the border triangle of Uganda, Sudan and Congo. Scenically it is rather flat, but still interesting. It also suffered from civil war for many years (until 2006) and in recent years it has been the focus of attention because of the many refugees from Sudan. The integration of these people was exemplary and a very good example of how to deal well with a large number of refugees.

Mbale Tororo Eastern Uganda

Eastern Uganda borders on Kenya and is very interesting because of its mountainous landscape. The highest elevation is Mount Elgon with its 4,321 m, on whose slopes a very good Arabica coffee grows. The area northeast of Mount Elgon to the border of Sudan is called Karamojong and is the hottest area of Uganda. Large parts of the population still live very traditionally e.g. in Krals. Between the owners of cattle herds it comes again and again to larger conflicts.

Kampala Jinja Southeast Uganda

From Kampala along Lake Victoria to the Kenyan border stretches a very beautiful landscape with sometimes mysterious large stones. Jinja used to be one of the tourist centers. Unfortunately, today you see little of it. An attraction near Jinja is the outlet of Lake Victoria with the big power station. Further down, there are the Nile Falls. If you drive on the main road from Kampala to Kenya, you will see huge sugar cane plantations, which – as one hears – have been created by landgrabbing.

Lake-Mburo National park

On the road from Masaka to Mbarara just before Mbarara on the left side is the smallest national park of Uganda. There are no elephants, giraffes or lions, but a lot of very beautiful other animals. Dear See is a dream for wildlife and plants. With a boat you can get very close to the animals. Very suitable for a day trip.