Projects as inspiration for imitation

On this page I would like to present the results of my 4 year project.

Each year, I visited 3 dioceses and documented projects with the respective CWM leaders, which could be very interesting for the groups and suitable for imitation. In doing so, I followed the hypothesis that there is enough know-how in Uganda to be able to drive development forward on their own – without outside help.

Aluminum pot production Dokumentation

20 young people from Fort Portal had an ingenious idea. They collect aluminum parts from scrap yards and turn them into cooking pots. Their tools: an old wooden hut, sand and boards for the molds, a hollow in the yard into which a pipe with a car-heating blower (battery-powered) leads, charcoal and a large tin bowl in which the aluminum is melted. It is hard to believe how such a thing is possible.

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Yogurt “Factory”  Dokumentation

This so-called Factory consists of 3 rooms in an abandoned shell. Emmanuel from Mytiana, a Secondary School teacher, has developed this project with 2 young women from the graduating class. He gets the milk from farmers who give cows only guaranteed natural feed. The production process takes place with very simple means, but very precise. The product has a quality that would also meet our standards.

Planting bed, fish and educational
project  Dokumentation

The Base group in Ibanda Diocese of Kasese is very creative. It maintains a brickyard, breeding beds, fish pond and a training workshop for simple agricultural machinery.