KAB Diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgarthas been involved in international cooperation for many years. But only when in the diocese of Masaka/Uganda Bishop Dungu maintained intensive contact with Werner Reiter and he got to know the activities of KAB in Germany, the international work in the KAB of our diocese entered a new phase. Werner, with the support of Bishop Dungu, started in 1995 to build up the KAB in the Ugandan dioceses. The newly founded movement was called CWM = Catholic Workers Movement.
From the beginning, the relationship was based on partnership. Groups, parishes and schools in Germany connected with groups, parishes and schools in Uganda. There were also active connections between families. Werner built a system of partnership support that in 2010 – when I took over the administration – included about 400 donors and about 300 projects. I created a database to document all transactions in a qualified manner and to make them easier to follow. It also greatly simplified the administration. Currently we have about 650 donors, connected to about 450 projects. Every quarter a money transfer takes place to the Ugandan offices, where the onward transfer to the recipients is also documented and controlled. This system ensures that no money disappears and that the communication between the partners via the secretaries also works. It is amazing and highly gratifying to see the many relationships formed and the activities that follow.
The partnership is accompanied and shaped by an international team of the KAB on diocesan level. Every 2 years a partner visit takes place. Once in Germany and then again In Uganda. Example:  Visit of the  Delegation from Uganda 2016

In the meantime, groups from the dioceses of Regensburg, Fulda and Münster are also involved in the partnership. All active people meet once a year for a Uganda platform

We cooperate with the following organizations:

The KAB-Bundesverband is a member of the World Movement of Christian Workers, like CWM Uganda. Through him we are connected to the world movement.

The Weltnotwerk oversees all KAB partnerships worldwide. It is also responsible for funding, which comes primarily from funds provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation.

The Aktion Hoffnung finances various grassroots projects

Senior Expert Service, with which I carry out my visits  www.ses-bonn.de

Dr. Birgit Galemann has, financed via DGRV  (Deutscher Genossenschafts- und Raiffeisenverband), with committed members from the CWM established the system of CW-SLA’s (Catholic Workers save and loan associations). Currently there are over 200 groups.