Since 2009, I have been working intensively with my friends from CWM Uganda. Projects do not only serve us to create something new, but the whole process, from the idea to the planning, implementation and commissioning is a great learning process in which as many people as possible should participate. Not only is the learning process a great advantage, but through identification with the project, sustainability is much greater.

This method of training we call in the CWM

University from the ground

To the Präsentation

The groups should also carry out the projects according to standards developed at a national seminar and communicated and discussed in all 12 dioceses

To our Projekt standards

Thus, CWM projects are ideally initiated and implemented by the groups (Base, Women or Youth groups). A subsidy should not exceed 70%. The own contribution, which can consist of labor or e.g. wood or sand from the members is very important. At the end of the project, everyone involved will be proud and will have learned a lot. Surely, they will take care of everything created much better than they received it fully as a gift without their own participation.

We have 3 types of projects: School, health and income generating projects.

School projects

School and community partnerships: Some KAB groups or communities from Germany have a partnership with a school or a community in Uganda. Sometimes there are mutual visits. Usually the German parishes or groups support projects and schools in the partner parish. They are in contact with each other. However, this is very different and often depends on individuals.

Examples:  Kabuwoko – Bukoto – Butema – Good’s will   Videos: Butema      –     Good’ will

School fee partnerships: Approximately 90 donors here in Germany take over the school fees for students in Uganda. This is not only an advantage for the students and parents, but also for the schools, which receive a continuous payment this way, which is not always the case for many families.

School construction and equipment projects: Many groups are involved in school construction. Since the population in Uganda is growing rapidly, schools need to be expanded again and again. Through private donors or organizations such as Aktion Hoffnung, grants are organized that then enable the group/school to complete the addition. The situation is similar when it comes to equipping laboratories, libraries or computer rooms.

Example: St. Theresa    Musasa    Busagula

Videos: Musasa   St. Theresa   Bukangara

Health projects

Support for the construction of health centers: Some KAB groups or communities in Germany collect money to enable the construction or renovation of health centers. Donations are also made for equipment. Example Ssanyu

Construction of wells: In the last 15 years, the construction of about 60 wells have been made possible by donors. This ensures that people are provided with clean drinking water. Before the planning of a new well begins, a well committee is formed. In addition to adults from the respective village, at least one child is also a member, because the children also have to carry water. In the committee is also determined who participates in which work. As already mentioned, the participation of the people concerned is very important. Example Brunnen

Income-generating projects

There are very many different income-generating projects. Almost every family in the country has a garden, different animals, etc. However, in recent years the groups have started more and more group projects. Here are some examples:  Kyamulibwa    Ibanda   Langol   Bukangara  Kabale

Youth projects

Here you can see active youth groups. It is very impressive how creative and hard working the youth are. these are only 4 examples: Iganga pork point, Namirali nursery beets, Kaliiro goat project, Fort Portal Aluminium saucepan production